Pafos Zoo is the first established and biggest licensed zoo in Cyprus. Set in a lush and unspoiled natural environment of more than 100.000sq.m, it’s the island’s leading tourist attraction. Its home to an extensive variety of birds and animals from every corner of the planet. The collection of parrots and venomous snakes is one of the largest in Europe!

If you’re mad about lions and tigers, in love with the lemurs or potty about parrots, then Pafos Zoo is not to be missed. A great wildlife experience awaits you, just a few minutes from Pafos. Come and meet all the residents: giraffe, monkeys, meerkats, crocodile, kangaroos, albino wallabies, Mouflon, and many more.

Don’t leave out …the performers: the brightly-coloured macaws and the smart owls. They will amaze you with their clever and amusing tricks that they perform everyday in the amphitheatre.

Spend a perfect day surrounded by the magical sounds and colours of nature. Enrich your senses in this beautiful environment of lakes, ponds and gardens.

Pafos Zoo is committed to animal care and creates compelling experiences that connect people with wildlife and inspire personal responsibility for conserving the natural world.

Accessible to all, Open 365 days a year and with transfer service available in Limassol and Pafos Regions.

A wild journey awaits you at the Pafos Zoo!