The Cyprus Association of Leisure Parks & Attractions

The Cyprus Association of Leisure Parks & Attractions (CALPA) is part of the Professional Associations operating under the auspices of the Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB).

The basic aim for the founding of this Association is to foster and develop ties of friendship and cooperation between owners and operators of various institutions aimed at recreational activities such as Water Parks, Swimming Pools, Theme Parks, Zoos and Animal Parks, Go-cart and other vehicle tracks, Paintball Arenas, Amusement, Games and Luna Parks, Activity Centres and other theme parks in Cyprus and around the world.

The establishment of the Association also has the purpose of protecting and improving the level of service offered at Theme and Leisure Parks and Activity Centres as to better ensure and protect the health and welfare of the public. Within this framework and to serve these goals, the Association undertakes to promote quality and service improvements throughout the sector and to establish good relations between the relevant competent government departments, organizations and any other relevant service providers.


CALPA Secretariat
T +357 99 694989

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